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Hoof Care

Dr. Robert Bowker, Equine Foot Laboratory, Michigan State University and Physiological Trimming for a Healthy Equine Foot

Contrasting Structural Morphologies of 'Good’ and 'Bad’ Footed Horses

EDSS Hoof Care Styrofoam Support Blocks for laminitis
Great to have in your emergency first aid kit.
You can also buy blue styrofoam from a home-building store and cut the shape that you need. Application instructions can be obtained from EDSS and a kit with an instructional video is also available.

Pasture Management


Cornell's Poisonous Plant database


The Academy of Equine Dentistry

Do Look in Your Horse's Mouth: Proper dental care entails far more than simply "floating" the teeth.

Saddles and Saddle Fit

About Saddle Fit video by David Genadek

Balance International Saddles

Horse Handling and Riding

True Horsemanship Through Feel

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